Fresher, Closer Farm Products

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What is Waluku?

Waluku means the star constellation Orion in Javanese. The traditional Javanese farmers use the appearance of this constellation to mark their farming season. For centuries, Waluku has been a dependable friend for farmers to help their farming. That's what we aspire to be.
We are your neighbourhood (urban) farmers market, where you can help local farmers grow by buying their products directly, by being their dependable friend.

  • So Fresh, So Close

    We provide you with freshest possible farm products, direct from the farmers.

  • No Middlemen

    No distributors, no supermarket chain, just you and your farmer. It's simple, it's personal.

  • Locavores Friendly

    We give priority to farmers closest to your location. So everything is local, seasonal, and with minimum carbon footprint.

  • Customized Experience

    Can't find what you're looking for? We'll find just the right farmer to grow it for you ;-)

Why Use Waluku?

Farmers Market in Your Pocket

Waluku will soon be available for download via Apple App store and Google Play store. Browse the market anytime, anywhere. Real time update from the farmers.

Give Back to Mother Nature

Help local economy and reduce your carbon footprint. It's a good karma!

Direct and Fair Price

Cut off distribution overhead and middlemen. All sales go direct to the farmers, we take no percentage of our farmer friends.

Careful Selection

We curate each and every participating farmer. We make sure they're doing responsible farming, and producing good quality product.

Up, Close, and Personal

Get to know the farmers, what's their story, how's their farm like. Pay them a visit if you'd like. After all, they're your local neighbor.

Responsible Support

We will do our best to resolve any issue or disputes between you and the farmers.

Got Farm(ed)?

Are you a farmer yourself? Awesome! We like you instantly :-) If you have a farm producing vegetables, fruits, dairy, or livestock products and are interested in using our platform to offer your products, just mail us at, and we'd get back to you asap to schedule a friendly talk.

Are you interested in starting a small (urban) farming project after knowing about our platform? Then we like you too! Just so you know, it's also our hidden agenda to make (urban) farming more interesting to just about anyone. It's greener for the environment if you plant something around where you live, and your food is always better when your ingredients are close to where you cook them. Plus, it could be an interesting extra income if you can supply and give back to your neighborhood.

So, contact us also at if you need help setting up your first ever (urban) farming project. We'll help you get around as much as we could, and we'll direct and introduce you to the right people in the farming community.


Do you want to participate in helping local farming community? Are you an (amateur) farmer? Are you a cooking-enthusiast that cares a lot about local and seasonal ingredients? Or do you just want to get access to good quality fresh and local farming products? Then leave us your email address. We will invite you to use our platform as soon as it's ready for testing.